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XFL-200/ XFL-250 Automatic vertical packing machine

I. Main performance and functional characteristics:
1. Equipped with safety protection, comply with firm’s safety management requirements.
2. Use intelligent temperature controller to have accurate temperature, which ensures the artistic and neat seal.
3. Use PLC Servo System and pneumatic control system and super touch screen to compose the drive control center,which improve the whole machine’s control precision ,reliability and intelligentized level.
4. This machine completes automatically the whole packing procedure of loading materials, measuring, bag making, sealing, date printing, air charging ( or exhausting) and finish products transporting as well as counting.
5. Touch screen can store the technical parameters of various kinds of products ,it is unnecessary to reset while products changing.
6. With error indicating system , which help to handle the trouble immediately.
7. Make pillow bags and hanging bags in terms of customers’ different requirements.
Technical Parameter:

型号     Model



制袋尺寸 Bag-making Size

(L)80-300mm, (W)80-200mm

(L)100-350mm, (W)100-250mm

包装速度 Packing Speed

25-75 Bags/Min

25-65 Bags/Min

电源     Power Supply

220V, 50-60Hz,
3.0 Kw

380-220V, 50-60Hz,

Compressed air consumption

6-8 kg/m2
0.15 m3/min

6-8 kg/m2,
0.15 m3/min

重量    Weight

500 Kg

700 kg

尺寸    Dimension

1450×1000×1700 (mm)

1200×1450×1800 (mm)

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