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XFL-200C Automatic Vertical Square Bottom Standup Bag Packing Machine

This packing machine can make the pillow type bag with four side sealing (Square Bottom Standup Bag), the attractive bag type to satisfy your high demand.
Application: working with different dosing system, the packing machine can be used for filling granule, powder.

最快包装速度 Capacity Max 50bags/min
Bag size
正面宽Front width:70---180mm
侧面宽Side width: 40---100mm
边封宽Width of side seal:5---10mm
制袋形式 Bag type 盒式袋 Block bottom type
最大膜宽 Film width Max 500mm
耗气量  Air consumption 0.8Mpa 0.30m3/min
电源Power supply 220V 3.5KW 50HZ
外型尺寸Dimension 1300 x 1130 x1900mm
整机重量 Weight 750kg

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