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Powder Sachet Packing Machine/ Sachet Filling Machine, XFL-F

Our vertical packing machines are well applied in the food, chemical, pharma-ceutical, and light industries, including granule packing machine , powder packing machine ,liquid packing machine to pack such stuff as granule ,powder, liquid, paste  into small packages. 

1、Bag-making ,measuring ,filling ,sealing ,cutting and counting are all finished automatically. 
2、Either under set length control or photoelectric color tracing ,bag length is set and cut in one step .Time and film saving. 
3、The temperature is under independent PID control, more suitable for different packing materials. 
4、Code printer is addable ,which can print  the expire date, validity date ,etc. 
5、The driving system is simple and reliable, and maintenance is easy. 
6Applicable material should be heat sealble films like: PET/PE , Paper/PE , PET/AL(PET-AL)PE, OPP/PE
Application: This machine is widely applied for food, pharmacy eutical, and Chemical products in mesh size range from 120-240, such as milk powder, Soya powder, Cosmetic powder, Slimming Tea, Medical Powder, &etc.
Technical parameter

型号 Type



包装袋类型 Bag shape



计量方法 Dosing method

螺杆计量 Auger doing

螺杆计量Auger doing

计量范围 weighing range

0-100 ml

0-150 ml

包装速度 packing speed

40-60包/分钟 (bag/min)

20-60包/分钟 (bag/min)

制袋尺寸 bag size

宽(W):30-120 mm 
长(L): 30-155mm

宽(W): 30-120 mm 
长(L): 30-155mm

总功率   power



电源电压 Power supply

(380V or 220V or  customized )

(380V or 220V or customized)

重量     Weight



外型尺寸Dimension (L*W*H)

625*750*1560 mm

1010*730*1780 mm

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